A flat roof has many advantages. It is perfect for homes whose owners need plenty of space. If maintained well, flat roofs enhance a home’s value more affordably. Flat roofs are not as costly to install, repair or replace as is the case with other roofing types. The following are the full benefits obtained from installing a flat roof on the property:

  1. Provides easy access
  2. Affordable and cost effective
  3. Durable
  4. Wind resistant
  5. Increases space

Flat roofs are great for residential and commercial properties. They seem to appeal more to owners of commercial buildings. They perform better than pitched roofs on commercial buildings. They are perfect not only for warehouses, but also shopping malls, manufacturing plants, mega-sized department stores, and condos as well as apartments.

Nonetheless, flat roofs only work well when enhanced with EPDM membrane. First, the membrane eliminates the requirement for heavy machinery, asphalt, and framing on the roof. The fact that it contains only a few details and seams in large rolls is good news too. It is lightweight thus unable to put too much weight or pressure on the building.

One of the major attractions of EPDM membrane on a flat roof is its quality. The fact it has been in the industry for more than 50 years proves that customers appreciate it for its excellent quality. Its record regarding performance is unmatched. The quality control process manufacturers adhere to is of the highest standard to ensure customers get the best at all times. Others include:

  • Manufacturer of high-quality polymers
  • Requires less energy to manufacture
  • Easier to install

In terms of the performance mentioned above, it is worth noting that EPDM membrane ranks highly. First, it improves the roof’s longevity substantially. The membrane can last up to or longer than 30 years. For a product whose life cycle cost is low, the high value it releases makes it the best for the flat roof, whose lifespan is usually around 10-15 years.

What is more, EPDM membrane is in its own class when talking about flexibility in frigid temperatures and weather conditions. It has one of the highest levels of flexibility in the roofing industry. EPDM membrane makes the flat roof highly resistant to scorching sun and extremely high heat. It does not suffer damage from exposure to extreme heat.

Whenever it is required, you can add penetrations to the membrane easily. In addition to this, the membrane makes your roof capable of performing excellently even without frequent maintenance. Despite all these, one of the major attractions of installing EPDM on flat roofing is the enhancement it provides for drainage.

It is worth mentioning that EPDM membrane:

  • Adheres easily
  • Easily fastens mechanically
  • Can be laid loose
  • Installs easily above or below the insulation
  • Is perfect for below grade waterproofing uses

The fact that EPDM strengthens flat roof is because of several factors. It is manufactured in wide-ranging thicknesses, which are between 0.045” and 0.090”. Furthermore, it is available either as non-reinforced or reinforced sheet. This gives you a wide variety of materials to choose and use for your flat roof.

Lastly, flat roofs provide the best conditions for planting a garden on the roof of your building. It is better to install EPDM membrane on the roof when you wish to plant a garden. Its qualities make the membrane ideal for this type of application. It will serve your roof top garden well when you set the garden up carefully and by observing the relevant conditions.

Therefore, choose EPDM membrane when you need a quality product for your flat roof.

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