Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, hiring a roofer is something you should handle with the utmost care. The roof is crucial for the safety of your entire household. It protects or covers possibly your biggest investment – the house. It must be in great condition at all times; otherwise, it will threaten the structural stability of your home. To take care of the roof requires the input of top roofers. Nonetheless, it is important you take the necessary precautions before hiring a roofer, and these include asking relevant questions.

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The following are the five major questions to ask a roofer before hiring:

Where is your local office?

Ask the roofer whether he has a local office. Find out if he is established locally. The point here is it is not enough to hire a roofer who operates locally. Some roofers operate from the back of their trucks. Such a roofer is the wrong person to hire. You need a roofer who operates from a local office. It is impossible to track one who operates from the back of his truck in the case of a problem. One who has a local office, on the other hand, offers guarantees by making it easier for you to show up in his premises when there is a problem with the services he rendered.

Are you insured? Are you licensed? Are you bonded?

It is not wrong or unfair to ask the roofer his status on issues such as licensing and insurance. The roofer must not only be licensed and insured but also bonded. This is for your own protection. Licensing is proof that the roofer has the technical know-how required to provide solutions to the roofing problems detected. A fully insured, licensed and bonded roofer is a true professional. A bonded roofer protects your house, which is also your financial investment and probably the biggest asset you ever spent money on.

What is your policy on offering roofing warranty?

A question you must ask the roofer is if he offers a roofing warranty. A good roofer has no problem offering warranties to all his clients. A bad roofer, however, does not want to give you a warranty of any type. Without a valid warranty, you have nowhere to turn to in case the roof develops some problems a few days or weeks after the last repair or maintenance. A good warranty is valid for several years and not in play for only a few weeks or months. The duration during which the warranty is valid tells you more about the roofer.

Where are your references?

A good roofer should answer your question regarding providing you with a list of references. He should provide this list before entering your home to begin examining or working on the roof. An experienced roofer has a good and solid track record of offering the best services. Therefore, he is not shy to provide you with a list of customers he has served over the years. Getting the list is not everything. The list or references will not help if you do not contact the customers whose names appear on it to confirm whatever you wish to know about the roofer.

Can I get written estimates?

Lastly, it pays to ask the roofer if he provides estimates. Now, all roofers provide estimates of work they are about to do. The difference between bad and good roofers is the latter group provides written estimates. They do not want to surprise you with hidden fees, you initially never knew. The written estimate should include specifics of the job. For example, it should state when the roofer intends to start and finish the work. It should state the modes of payment – including down payment. Signing a contract is highly recommended.

Therefore, ask the roofer these five questions before hiring to help you make informed decisions.

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