Chimney Sweep Certification is proof that a contractor has the credentials required to inspect chimneys. It also proves that a contractor has the skills required to provide chimney maintenance services. All chimney sweeps should be certified. This, however, does not always happen. The certification proves a contractor’s capabilities and professionalism. You too can be certified if you go through the process. In the United States, the body offering this certification is Chimney Safety Institute of America, also known as CSIA.

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Tests to Pass

According to CSIA, certification is only possible when the applicant passes the relevant tests. The body requires candidates to study and take tests on three books. The books in question are Successful Chimney Sweeping, 2011 Edition; NFPA 211, 2013 Edition; and International Residential Code, 2006 Edition. CSIA expects all candidates studying for and taking the tests for the first time to attend one of the review sessions conducted around the country. The alternative for first-time candidates is attending a 6-day program via a specific training school.

CSIA is considered the industry standard. The credential is rightly recognized by the following:

  • Industry organizations
  • Insurance underwriters
  • Local agencies
  • State agencies
  • Federal agencies

Nationwide Recognition

All the 50 states in the United States recognize the institute’s credential. The two credentials that most clients use to judge whether a chimney sweep has the required knowledge to do this job are Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician and CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep. These credentials are yet to lose their integrity because of the measures the institute offering them has put in place. CSIA has demonstrated a willingness and commitment to continue updating not only the training, but also education and the manuals it offers.

Benefits from Certification

A professional with these credentials enjoys several benefits that include:

  1. Professional credibility with clients and competitors alike
  2. National recognition for this amazing accomplishment
  3. The right and freedom to use the credential’s trademarks on ads and cars
  4. Aggressive protection of all the trademarks
  5. Professional representation among the affiliated industries
  6. Professional referrals from all the affiliated industries
  7. Materials on marketing as well as public relations that enhance the professional image

The affiliated industries mentioned above include realtors, firefighters, home inspectors, home builders and the managers providing oil heating services. Earning the credential is only your first task. The most important task is maintaining the credential. This certification is one of the most essential in the industry. The certification guarantees that the person you are about to hire has the education and training needed to work on fireplaces and chimneys. The level of honesty and thoroughness the certified chimney sweep exhibits is exceptional to say the least.

Strict Adherence to Code of Ethics

A professional who receives the certification is required to observe the CSIA Code of Ethics. This is one of the reasons the credential is highly valued in the industry. The chimney sweep agrees to abide by the safety practices as well as techniques the Institute puts in place. What is more, he agrees to continue updating his skills, knowledge, and technology required to provide excellent chimney and fireplace related services. The professional has promises never to be deceptive or dishonest when interacting with his clients.

A contractor with this credential is a good and safe one to hire. He is the best for working on the problems affecting your fireplace or chimney. Remember, your eligibility to this credential depends on the ability to study and pass the tests based on the books mentioned above. All individuals who get the Chimney Sweep Certification must apply for recertification each year. Requirements for recertification include Continuous Education Units, Exams, Reviews and the appropriate fee.

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