Any person can take on a DIY roof installation. This is only possible with the right equipment in place. Whoever takes on such a project needs a bit of experience. When handling the DIY project for the first time, you will need an experienced person by your side to learn from and ensure you do not make costly errors. More importantly, you also have to put the right measures in place to keep you safe. In fact, staying safe should be your top priority. The safety of everybody who is around you during the project must not be ignored.

With that said, the following are six tips to staying safe on a DIY roof installation project:

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Avoid Falls and Slips

What you have to watch out for is the likelihood of falling and injuring yourself. In the United States, statistics show that around six people fall to their death from the roof each month. For this reason, you have to take the necessary precautions to avoid being one of these. Extreme caution is necessary while on the roof. What you step on could determine whether you stay on the roof to complete your work or fall to the ground to suffer an injury that could end your life. The best way to avoid this is to be cautious and alert for the entire duration you are on the roof.

Clear and Organize the Roof Better

Clearing the roof before you begin working is essential to your safety. The leaves, twigs, water and all other types of debris need to be out of the roof. What is more, you ought to block the roof off from children or other unauthorized people who might want to climb to see what you are doing or offer to help. Keep the roof as well organized as you possibly can. While removing the debris or dropping off anything from the roof, you should shout so that whoever is under it moves to a safe place.

Work Away from Power Lines

The roof is the closest part of the house to power lines. Active and even seemingly inactive power lines are a danger to you and your entire household. Therefore, avoid touching the power lines with any part of your body or object. In fact, work as far away from the power lines as possible. It is not the power lines alone that should worry you. Be alert at all times when working on other parts of the roof filled with precarious pitches to avoid the hazards they present. If you are unsure about staying safe, hire a professional roofer to install, repair or replace the roof.

Be Careful with the Ladder

The ladder you use to climb with or get off the roof is one of your biggest assets. For this reason, choose it carefully. The ladder determines whether you climb or get off the roof safely. How you handle the roof is crucial to your safety too. Choosing a strong aluminum extension roof is highly advisable, but only if it is high enough to reach the roof. On the other hand, choosing a ladder made of wood or fiberglass gives you the protection against the risk of electrocution when working near power lines.

Wear and Use the Right Gear

Lastly, wear the right gear while on the roof. Investing in a safety harness is a brilliant decision. Installing roof brackets is highly advisable to give you a safe and strong platform on which to stand or leave your tools. While up on the roof, avoid and keep an eye on wet surfaces. Avoid climbing the roof during or after a rainfall. Do not go up the roof when the wind is too gutsy and strong. Remember, while working on a DIY roof installation project is great, your safety is more important. Therefore, observe these tips to stay safe.

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