One of the most exciting things you are likely to do in life is to purchase your home. This way, you secure a roof over the head for your entire household. Family and friends know where to find and visit you. In the long run, you save a lot of money that would have gone into renting homes or apartments and relocating from one property to the next. With such an investment comes the need to make wise decisions. Choosing EPDM roofing material for your flat roof is one of the decisions you ought to make.

EPDM is one of the few roofing materials that have been on the market for close to four decades. In this respect, it is not exactly a new product. Its technical name is Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer. It is not only strong, but also exceptionally resistant. EPDM is perfect for your flat roof because of its durability. It can last for more than 30 years, but with proper and regular maintenance. Therefore, when considering a new roofing material to install on your roof, your list should feature EPDM too because of the following reasons.

Resistant to Thermal Shock plus Hail Damage

First, EPDM performs exceptionally well in resisting thermal shock. It also does a great job of making the roof capable of withstanding hail damage. As you probably know by now, the flat roof is more susceptible to hail damage compared to other types of roofs. Typically, flat roofs fitted with decks demand better attention and maintenance. They do not drain as effectively as roofs fitted with pitches. Flat roofs are limited in options. Without EPDM, flat roofs would be more disadvantaged than they are today.

Increases the Roof’s Durability

The lifespan of any flat roof is limited to around 10-15 years. Therefore, fitting it with EPDM makes the flat roof able to last longer. EPDM ensures you get more out of your flat roof than would be possible without it. As previously stated, EPDM roofing material can last for more than 30 years. This translates to more savings and increased money in your pocket since you no longer have to worry about replacing the roof after installing it for only ten years. This way, you never have to worry about looking for roofers all the time, which can be a tough task.

Epdm roofing material

Highly Flexible and Withstands Frigid Conditions Better

EPDM is highly flexible, thus incapable of shattering even in the face of frigid temperatures and conditions imaginable. A flat roof does not create much confidence in its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It provides snow with perfect conditions to gather on the roof. Water too gathers easily on the flat roof. However, installing a flat roof helps you better. It will not shatter or sag no matter the volumes of snow or water that gather on it following a heavy downpour or a serious snowstorm.

Accommodates Structural Movement Better

EPDM is great at accommodating structural movement. It does this without stressing the membrane. Structural movement occurs in many forms, which include the following:

  1. Subsidence
  2. Settlement
  3. Heaving
  4. Swaying
  5. Bouncy floors
  6. Bulging walls
  7. Cracks
  8. Expansion
  9. Contraction

Based on this list, there is no doubt that structural movement can stress the entire building. The membrane is at great risk during the movement. What is more, the fact the movement takes place almost all the time is sufficient to make you a worried homeowner. The magnitude of the movement is too small that you will never notice it. In such situations, you are better off with installing EPDM on your flat roof to give the entire structure an increased chance of handling it all and avoiding massive damages, financial losses and a waste of time.

EPDM does not Deteriorate

Finally, the fact EPDM roofing material does not degrade is much superior in withstanding UV damage and provides value for money is sufficient to convince you to install it on your flat roof. It is an excellent choice, irrespective of the climate around the location where your building stands. Its membrane has no problem withstanding the onslaught of adverse weather conditions such as scorching UV rays together with heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures. If for no other reasons, install EPDM to enable your roof last longer.

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