One of the scariest things with any building is noticing signs of a roof leak. Some people are probably not worried because they wrongly assume the leak is quite minor thus not risky to them or their buildings. A leak that is not fixed efficiently and quickly will come back to haunt you. A regular inspection of the roof is highly recommended. Inspection helps you to realize whether the roof has a leak and needs fixing. There is no doubt that a leak needs fast resolution. The only question is, does it need DIY approach or calling “the guy”?

fixing a roof leak


Leaks Should be Fixed Immediately

Never spend too much time deliberating on whether or not to fix the leak. The definitive answer is it needs fixing immediately. Not tomorrow, but today. Now, you might have to do some patchwork to stop the leak until a professional roofer arrives, which is fine. However, proceeding to fix the problem on your own would be ill advised if you lack the experience and equipment needed to investigate the issue thoroughly. Fixing the leak without identifying the cause is like treating symptoms instead of the real disease.

No Guarantees on Safety with DIY

DIY is an option worth pursuing, especially if the roofer is busy and unable to turn up in your house for some time. The best solution is calling a roofer, and solid reasons are showing why you cannot go wrong with a professional contractor on site. First, your safety is the most important issue here. Without the appropriate training, you have no idea how to stay safe while on the roof. Safety does not refer to you alone. It also refers to the people in the house, plus the pets and other assets on the property. They could all suffer from your mistakes.

Fixing Leaks is Hard Work

Fixing a leak is a lot of work. It is not as easy as you see on TV programs or read in home improvement magazines. It might not be over in a few hours or days. If you lack the temerity required to see the project through to its completion, a better move would be to hire the guy who has everything needed to do a stellar job. DIY offers you the chance to save money. But addressing the cause of the leak and fixing the problem thoroughly is more important than the few dollars you are able to save by doing the job yourself.

The Guy Fixes the Problem Right the First Time

What is more, a professional roofer is able to do the job right the first time. Most probably, you will need more than one opportunity to fix the leak finally. This would mean spending more money and time on the job, which you were trying to achieve by going the DIY route. At times, it takes a bigger person to realize the job is for true professionals. Meanwhile, your family would be inconvenienced as you hold them up the hostage and prevent them from going into the room whose roof has a leak.

The Guy is Insured, Bonded, and Licensed

A professional roofer is fully insured, bonded and licensed to fix the leak and solve a multitude of other roofing problems. It is doubtable you are insured, licensed and bonded to provide the same services. Based on this, it would be a huge mistake on your part to attempt fixing the issue without any insurance. The local authorities might take punitive measures against you when they find you on the roof fixing a leak without the necessary documentation. Know the local policies and regulations before attempting such a project on your own.

Therefore, it is better to call the guy and pay to fix the leak than trying it on your own via DIY.

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