How do you decide between roof repair and roof replacement? This is probably a question all homeowners have asked themselves at some point. The simple answer is the extent of the damage on the roof determines whether to go for repairs or replacements. As you know, however, this is not a simple case. That is why you might have to hire a professional to help you examine the roof and make an informed decision. A roofer does not always have to show up to tell you what to do as long as you know what to look for on the roof.

Roof Repair using nails

First, Inspect the Roof

DIY inspection is fine, but only if you have the expertise needed to find the problem. Inspection is where it all begins. Identifying the problem is half the job. Fixing it is the second half. Look at the bigger picture before opting for one of the two. For example, consider how the work you intend to do will affect the building’s attractiveness. Repairing a roof with a single missing shingle might seem a good option until you realize that it affects the attractiveness of the building by creating a roof with different colors. It all looks haphazardly done.

Consider Costs

Replacing the entire roof is costlier. Where money is an issue, the best thing to do is ask the roofer to repair. For the most part, repairs are for the minor damages appearing on the roof. Replacement, on the other hand, is for roofs with extensive damages. A few missing shingles would probably do with replacing. One missing shingle has to be replaced, otherwise there would be a major leak soon enough. In some cases, you might have to replace the entire roof irrespective of the costs and work involved.

Check the Layers

Determining between repairs and replacements depends on the layers your roof has. An existing roof fitted with a single layer that does not have problems with its deck can suffice with some repair work. A multilayered roof needs more work, and this is where you require the skills of your roofer to replace the entire structure. Otherwise, you would have to search for nails that are longer than 2 inches, which are not easy to find. When considering between the two, the safety of the roofer during the project comes into play as well.

Pay Attention to Roofing Materials

The roofing materials determine whether to go for repairs or replacements. Some materials are easier to find and cheaper. Other materials are not only difficult to find but also expensive. A roof fitted with asphalt shingles is easier to replace compared to metal roofing. However, it costs more to replace asphalt shingles. Some materials make your choice a simple one to make. For example, repairing a portion of the roof might be costlier compared to replacing the entire roof depending on the material.

Remember the Building’s Design

The design, structure, and style of the building should also help you to decide between the two. The work involved in re-roofing a one-story building covered with a low pitch is less compared to a two-story home that has a steep pitch. More labor, time and money are required for a building with steeper or higher roof. This is because the roofers need more tools and time to fix the issue. Likewise, it is impossible to ignore the issue of ventilation. The decision on whether to choose the repair or replacement depends on the effect the project will have on attic ventilation.

Therefore, re-roofing is necessary when:

  1. The roof is in a deplorable condition
  2. The roof is multilayered
  3. The roof’s decking is in a bad state
  4. The roof has horrible incompatible shingles

If you cannot make this decision alone, it would be fine to hire a roofer to offer some

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